Organic wine


The organic wineries with the European seal establish sustainable production guidelines from the triple economic, social and environmental perspective that define the new green or circular economy:

  • The wineries use responsible solar energy resources, photovoltaic to generate and self-consume and save electricity.
  • They help protect the traditional agricultural landscape and the rural population.
  • It enhances local grapes and helps to recover some grapes in the process of extinction.
  • Maintains water quality, reuses water and constructs wetlands for wastewater.
  • It causes less erosion and moisture evaporation.
  • The work in ecology is an effective means of combating climate change as it uses self-sufficient renewable energy resources (Bodegas Robles in 2009 was the first to use biomass in the vineyard and artificial wetlands).
  • Drive new processes to reduce CO2 emissions by calculating the carbon footprint in transportation or packaging.

“The more we take care of the land the better wines we get.”