Rodolfo Valiente

It seems like only yesterday when a group of wineries with organic concerns in Spain began to talk about going together to promote our philosophy of work and life at foreign fairs. We were aware of the change of habits that was coming in the food towards the healthy, but also that Spain had a great opportunity as an organic vineyard thanks to its extreme climate, its aridity, the lack of water or the unique local grape vines in the world that were more than rooted to fight against the setbacks of pests, weather and diseases. Since then, the Spanish Organic Wines association has been made up of mostly small family wineries that export 60% of our wines to more than 30 countries thanks to the adventurous, enthusiastic and creative spirit of our wineries. We had to face abroad many wines with the simple label “Organic”, biodynamic, fair trade, sustainable wines, the boom of natural wines, but from SOW we always bet for the organic logo of the green leaf in the European standard. We have to go through many more formalities than conventional wines and compete with private wine initiatives that confuse with the natural label, inspection controls of certifiers, demonstrate every year that our additives in the grapes and in the winery follow the law or that we carry the maximum approved sulfites. But every effort is compensated when we see that our wineries with the SOW brand grow in talent, that they are increasingly ingenious in generating new processes to make our soils more natural, often practitioners of biodynamics, defenders of 100% Spanish native grapes or that invest in new systems for saving water and solar energy. There are among our unique wineries that practice agroforestry, flexible over time to adapt to extreme climates, the circular economy or bioclimatic construction, with a list of exclusive wines: generous and sweet organic sparkling wines irreverent, wines in vats and wines with clones of Tempranillo with a multitude of accents and study of grapes lost in the area. But above all, we are all very demanding wineries, more and more with our land because we are the only “organic by nature” as a label, deeply natural wines that respect the only existing law, a landscape that creates jobs for the future and above all the health of the wine consumer. And for all this we would like to add more voices among the more than a thousand wineries with organic practices in Spain, distributors and friends of these wines, would you like to be one of us?

Rodolfo Valiente President Spanish Organic Wines