Organic wine


  • s-sow SOW is an initiative that was born in 2014 as a non-profit that arises from small and medium-sized family wineries that produce organic wine with European certification with a view to grow and generate a broader movement that represents wineries committed to this type of environmentally friendly wines.
  • s-sow The beginnings sought to counteract the weak domestic consumption by undertaking a partnership of economic and human forces to represent organic wine at export events.
  • s-sow Promoting sustainability and organic wines in-store, on-trade and to the end consumer is becoming a priority these days. The growth in consumer spending on organic wines has risen to 13% in just three years and we must answer their questions about labeling, the different categories and the complexity of vineyard practices.
  • s-sow SOW participates in forums, debates and tastings as spokespersons for organic viticulture in Spain with agri-food and export institutions, organic farming organizations in general and organic in particular, as well as its most responsible suppliers for these purposes.
  • s-sow It shares technical information among its members as leading wineries in innovative methods in sustainability, biodiversity balance, implementation of new water and energy saving systems, combating climate change and rural economic development.

“Not only do we comply with the European standard, but we demand much more of ourselves.”