Organic wine


Our organic vineyards work with new traditional and innovative production models to generate more balance in the soils and the ecosystem:

  • Improve soil fertility and health by increasing microbiology and attracting insects and other beneficial organisms to fight diseases and pests.
  • Uses waste by-products as natural soil nutrients and organic fertilizers such as green manures, compost, harvest residues, etc.
  • All the products of our wineries are made from organic raw materials.
  • Organic grape harvests and their containers are separated from non-organic ones.
  • The use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers is prohibited using organic materials.
  • Natural diversity is increased in and around the vineyard with different plants that stimulate beneficial organisms and favorable climatic conditions such as the creation of ground covers between the rows of vines that improve soil richness, provide nutrients, increase natural enemies that control pests. It is complemented with hedges of arvense flora and suitable shrubs.
  • They must certify that the vines are not contaminated by other non-organic vineyard practices.
“Balanced, healthier Soils yield better grapes, better vintages and healthier wines.”