Organic wine


Sustainable and natural

We are 34 wineries that respect the category of the European framework and carry on their bottles the label of the green leaf. Among its wineries there are biodynamic, sustainable, vegan, and natural or sulfite-free practices.


60% of the wineries in the association export more than 50% of their production to 150 countries


The Spanish organic vineyard is a Global Brand for our country: 3rd largest organic area in the world.

Europe's largest vineyard

Spain is the 1st largest vineyard in Europe with organic seal occupying 14% of the total area in this certified vineyard.

3rd largest producer in Europe

Spain is the 3rd largest producer of organic wine in Europe.

Increased progressive production

Spanish organic wine accounts for 7% of overall organic production and 12% of conventional vineyards.

Large area of organic vineyards

There are already 27% of organic wineries in Spain, occupying a converted area of 121,279 hectares.

Growth of Wineries and Vineyards

The growth of Spanish wineries and vineyards transformed into organic, including wines with all types of organic categories continues to be exponential in recent years, a huge responsibility because we are a reference as a country in the work for climate change and in this type of sustainable wines.